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Knitting pattern technical editors Kristina McGrath and Sarah Walworth geek out about knitting math, the art of pattern writing, and what it is to work in patterns today. See conversations with knitting designers and innovative creators in the knitting industry, be inspired, and get your questions answered.



Mere Conatti

Producing size inclusive patterns is essential! We are excited to talk with Mere about FatTestKnits and its effect on the industry.



Denise DeSantis

All about socks! We are excited to talk with Denise about designing socks and teaching knitters.



Nicole Larkin-York

Creating as a new designer and fostering community with her unique approach to business: helping nerdy knitters embody their favorite tales.

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This little book compiles all our experience working with hundreds of independent designers and several publications, as well as editing more than a thousand patterns and many books, into a unique, essential, and practical reference. We want to be your companion while you plan, grade, and write the instructions for your designs.

What people are saying

I wish I had this as a resource when I first started designing knitwear. The checklists for consistency when writing patterns are a necessity, and the grading information for accurate sizing over multiple silhouettes is invaluable. I plan to keep a copy in my design library... and you should too!

Laura Nelkin

The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook covers all aspects of writing a good pattern, from developing a style sheet or writing instructions in a consistent manner (in text, by the schematic, or through charts), to working with a tech editor and addressing sizing issues. Clearly written and comprehensive in scope, I wish I had had this book when I began to design.

Beth Brown-Reinsel

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to always listen to my tech editors. It’s easy when everything is so well explained! The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook should be required reading for all aspiring pattern designers; not just for the technical information about laying out your patterns with consistency and clarity, but for the included question and answer sessions in each chapter, where the authors dive into all the things you’ve wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)!

Hannah Thiessen Howard

I wish that anyone that talks or writes or teaches about knitting would read this book – every teacher, vlogger, blogger, influencer, and author – would read this book. It would create a better-informed knitting community.

Jillian Moreno, Knitty Magazine

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Kristina and Sarah are yarn pattern technical editors, consultants, and coaches in the fiber industry. They have edited over 1000 knitting patterns between them. Since 2020, they have hosted Tech Tip Talk, a monthly broadcast about pattern writing and knitting design, and have written a handbook for knitting designers. They are committed to improving access to industry knowledge, helping designers create patterns that fit every size body well, to fully deliver on the promise to the maker.

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